Propriety of Pinpoint Instructions Which Elaborate and Clarify Other Instructions
October 25th, 2020

“A trial court must instruct on the law applicable to the facts of the case.” (People v. Mincey (1992) 2 Cal.4th 408, 437.) “[L]legally correct and factually warranted pinpoint instructions designed to elaborate and clarify other instructions should be delivered upon request.” (People v. Hughes (2002) 27 Cal.4th 287, 362 italics omitted; People v. Woods (2015) 241 Cal.App.4th 461, 488.)

PG V(B)(1.2)  Instruction Embodying General Rule Does Not Justify Refusing More Specific Instruction Applying The Rule To The Facts Of The Case. 



See also PG V(A)(3)(a) Duty To Tailor Standard Form Instructions To Reflect The Facts And Legal Theories Presented At Trial 

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