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Death Penalty; Factor B (Other Violent Conduct) – Judge Decides Whether Prior Conduct is:
July 30th, 2018

In People v. Manibusan (2013) 58 Cal.4th 40 the California Supreme Court held that although the jury decides whether alleged acts of other violent criminal activity (PC 190.4 (b)) occurred, “the characterization of those acts as involving an express or implied use of force of violence, or the threat thereof, is a legal matter for […]

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Death Penalty; Factor B (Other Violent Conduct) – Applies to Aiders and Abettor
July 23rd, 2018

Aggravating evidence of other violent criminal activity under Penal Code section 190.3, factor (b), includes other crimes in which defendant was an aider and abettor “‘whether or not the defendant’s actions were themselves violent….’” (People v. (George Brett) Williams (2013) 56 Cal.4th 630, 685)

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Death Penalty: Factor B (Other Violent Conduct) — Notice
July 17th, 2018

People v. Whalen (2013) 56 Cal.4th 1, 73-74 held that the prosecution’s notice of other violent conduct offered in aggravation was sufficient where it “identified the alleged prior convictions by date, county of conviction, and type of offense … [and] also identified the alleged other criminal activity by date or approximate date, location, and type […]

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