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Felony Murder: Reckless Indifference” for Tison Finding Must Not Be Based On Defendant’s Actions After The Crime
September 3rd, 2019

In re Taylor (2019) 34 Cal. App. 5th 543 held that given the lack of evidence that defendant planned anything more dangerous than a garden-variety armed robbery, reckless disregard to the risk to human life, for purposes of the felony murder special circumstance under PC 190.2 (d), was not established by defendant’s actions after the […]

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No Causation Instruction In Single Perpetrator Felony Murder Case
May 1st, 2014

  The causation instruction in CC 240 should not be used in single-perpetrator felony murder cases. CC 730 correctly specifies that felony murder encompasses a far wider range of individual culpability than other murders. (People v. Huynh (2012) 212 Cal. App. 4th 285, 310-311.)

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