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Defendant’s Statements Before Trial vs. Testimony at Trial: Clarification of Potentially Misleading Language in CC 358
November 27th, 2018

Jurors could interpret the first and second paragraphs of CC 358 to apply to both statements made by the defendant before trial and to the testimony of the defendant during trial. To clarify this potential ambiguity CC 358 could be modified to provide as follows [added language is bolded]:   [Para 1; sentence 1] You […]

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Cautionary Instruction on Defendant’s Statements Not Required Sua Sponte
July 26th, 2016

In People v. Diaz (2015) 60 C4th 1176 the California Supreme Court reconsidered the requirement that the cautionary principle reflected in CALJIC 2.71.7 [now CC 358] must be given sua sponte. The Court decided that “in light of a change in the law that requires the general instructions on witness credibility to be given sua […]

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