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CC 330: “Should Consider” vs. “Consider”
October 27th, 2020

CC 330 contains inconsistent admonitions to the jurors regarding consideration of factors potentially relating to the credibility of a child witness under 10 years old.   Compare Paragraph 2:   In evaluating the child’s testimony, you should consider all of the factors surrounding that testimony, including the child’s age and level of cognitive development. [Emphasis […]

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Synonymous Terminology Used to Designate a Person Who Committed a Crime
February 20th, 2015

  PC 31 and PC 971 use the use the word “principal” to designate a person who may be liable to be convicted for committing a crime. However, some cases use descriptive words such as “participant” or “confederate.” And, some jury instructions (e.g., CC 373, CC 402, CC 415, CC 540C, CC 541C, and CC […]

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